Request Post Removal

How do I request a post removal?

Simply fill out the form below.

Why would I want to remove my post ?

We syndicate some of our content from many sources and sometimes we accidentally grab a fake syndicated feed with some of your personal information.

Fill out the form below to have the post in question removed. Please provide proof of legal authority to have a post removed.

Who would want to remove a post from


Sometimes escorts contact us and ask us to remove their posts for one of many reasons such as : They are no longer escorts, there is a typo in the phone number, the pictures are out of date or any of a couple dozen reasons.

Sometimes our website users request a post to be removed for reasons such as : the escort is a scam artist, the ad is not genuine, the post is SPAM, the post is promoting another website or any other issue.

On the form below.

When can i request a post removal ?

Anytime you want.


When can I expect a post to be removed after submitting a request for removal ?
We have been getting busier and busier but should be able to either remove the ad or contact theplaintiff if we require more information.

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